Developing with Office UI Fabric Course is Live

The second and final course in my series on the Office UI Fabric is now live:  Following on from the introduction in the first course, this course dives in to hands-on working with Fabric as a developer.  It is very light on slides and heavy on demos.

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents:

  1. Getting Started with Office UI Fabric (including an introduction to the Fabric Snippets)
  2. Handling Multiple Resolutions with the Responsive Grid
  3. Building Forms
  4. Improving User Interactions with Display Components
  5. Enhancing Layout and Navigation
  6. Building Fabric and Contributing to the Project
  7. Using Fabric in Angular
  8. Resources and Fabric Futures

Obviously, I’m a little biased, but I think the course covers everything you need to know as a developer to use Fabric in your own applications, sites and add-ins.  I cover every component in Fabric, showing the HTML and JavaScript necessary to make it work as well as a deep dive on all aspects of the responsive grid and then cover the Fabric project itself on GitHub and the community project ngOfficeUIFabric for using Fabric in Angular.