SPSPhilly–That’s a Wrap!

OK, so the event was 2 weeks ago.  I only just finished going through the speaker evaluations and tallying up the scores.  The event was a huge success.  We had 250 people attend despite some really nasty weather that morning.  Every single person I spoke to and 97% of the comments on the event as a whole were quite positive (you can’t please everyone – someone didn’t like the fact that we had Pepsi but not Coke ??!!)

So thank you to everyone who helped organize, attended, spoke, sponsored, pitched in to help the day of the event, etc.  The event could not have happened without everyone involved.

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 speakers (and their scores – maximum possible was 5):

1. Jason Medero (4.6)
2. Jim Kane (4.4)
3. Greg Hurlman (4.3)
4. Linc Williams (4.27)
5. Kevin Goff (4.22)
6. Satish TK (4.2)
7. Alphonso Scarborough (4.15)
8. Christina Wheeler (4.1)
9. Michael Mukalian (4.0)
10. Peter Senescu (3.93)

Thanks again, everyone!