Now Hiring

  1. Business is good and continuing to trend in the right direction (up, if you’re wondering).
  2. Life is busy.
  3. There are only 24 hours in a day.

Combine all three of these together and I very quickly come to the realization that it’s time to find some help, so I’m looking to hire a personal/administrative assistant. Here’s some information on the position, in no particular order:

  1. Local to the Chester County, Pennsylvania area – there is need for a local person for some tasks
  2. Approximately 10-15 hours per week – some weeks more, if you’re available, some weeks perhaps less, but probably not. Other than a minimum of 2-3 hours that MUST be done each week, the task list can be managed to fit your availability on a week by week basis.
  3. 100% flexibility on the hours. Except for the occasional need to meet in-person and the fact that some of the things (errands, etc) must be done while stores/shops are open, I don’t care when you work. 4 AM or 4 PM – it makes no difference to me
  4. Remote work – My office is in my house and it’s barely big enough for me, so everything can be done from your home, a coffee shop, etc. Again, it doesn’t matter to me.
  5. Type of work:
    1. Scanning and electronic filing
    2. Research on various topics
    3. Scheduling and calendar maintenance
    4. Data entry
    5. Lightweight software/website testing
    6. Proofreading
    7. Errands (local pick-up/drop-off)
    8. More (TBD)
  6. Pay rate is TBD. I’m looking to pay fairly and so am open to a discussion of what that means
  7. The person selected will be a 1099 contractor, not an employee of my business

Please contact me if you are interested (contact information is available on my website: