Fabric Resources

As part of my Pluralsight courses on Office UI Fabric, I’ve been collecting additional resources to help people learn more about the Office UI Fabric.  They’re presented here.  If you are aware of a resource I missed, feel free to leave it in the Comments.

Official Microsoft

Use Office UI Fabric in Office Add-ins
Office UI Fabric on MSDN
SharePoint Add-ins UX design guidelines

Community Projects

Fabric Snippets
Fabric Explorer
ngOfficeUIFabric and on Andrew’s blog
React Fabric
Aurelia Fabric

Assorted Blog Posts

Using Office UI Fabric in SharePoint Add-ins
Using the Office UI Fabric with Angular JS to Create an Office Add-In
Create your first Excel add-in using Office UI Fabric
How to use the Office UI Fabric directives ngOfficeUIFabric in a Windows 10 Universal App

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